How to Root Your Android Without PC Easily

How To Root Your Android Device Easily Without a PC

As you see the header of our topic about rooting an android device without the need or an involvement of a PC, and I believe if you finish following or simple and easy tutorial, you will find a helpful tips, tricks and ways to have access to your Android root. but before we delve into the mania of our tutorials i no some people doesn’t even knows what is meant by “ROOTING”, so just wait and follow us gently as Skytechers is here to solve all your possible problems using our genuine and authentic measures.
so here we go…

What Is Rooting And some of the advantages and the Disadvantages of Rooting.

So firstly we’re going to start by knowing what is rooting in terms of the computing world, So rooting is the process of having an entire control over your Device (Since we’re dealing with device), when you root your device then you can have root access of your Device having to even delete the default apps(sometimes). so the more you root your device, is just like you are now having root access over your android device.

Some Advantages

Rooting Have tons of advantages but we are going to just helps with a little few among the advantage of rooting your android device; some of this merits are listed here:

Installing some of the apps that requires root access

As we all know we really loves to download and use many apps, where by some of the apps will need root access and if you don’t have root access ( Didn’t root your phone) then you will miss the use of the app you’ve download and wanted to use.

Will loves to see you having root access
All we want is to have root access so we will be glad to see the issue is  been solved. having the topmost root access of our device gives us many more advantages. only few are mentioned here.
Some Disadvantages
Since we know rooting has many merits that we have make  mention earlier, so and for all things especially the one dealing with Device has Great side and the back side or we call them the advantages and the disadvantages as we are going to now list some the few disadvantages
Security Status Of your Device after rooting your android device
After you have root your device, don’t forget that your device security privacy is exposed now you can face any security penalties or privacy penalty which some times result to some other leading devices.
You Can Now Install every App
 As i make mention earlier, that you have just obtain root access of your Android device and then you might download and install a malware which may cause some inconveniences there by resulting in users device bricked or being attacked by a malware you install yourself. so know the kinds of apps you install after root.
So now since you know what is meant by rooting an Android device, with some of its merits and demerits, so i know by now you may have the intention of either to root or not to root you device.
so do it at your own risk.
So here are the procedures if you are ready to root your Android Device; we are using one of the fastest and greatest Android Rooting applications known as KINGROOT  it has many versions some works and some doesn’t work actually but you can download the working version HERE>>>
So follow this steps to root your Android…..:
>>>After you download the app, install the app and make sure you have a working and strong internet connectivity in order to get started.
as you can see from this image:
>>> Open the kingroot app after successfully installation, you can see welcome image so just proceed and wait for it to obtain root access from your device.
>>> So now you can see a button that says Try Root or Root now  just click what ever it says after checking for the root access from your device, so you will begin to see a loading screen just wait for the process to complete and you are all done You just root your android device.
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