Revision of Policies on Violent and Banding of Racist Communities : Reddit

Reddit as the front page of the internet today are trying any way possible to keep that title in action but when compared to how a lot of recist communities in the site performes, this make Reddit to take some revissions of policies that would govern the policies on violent which can lead to the banding of Recist communities.

Reddit have started making such a move by shotting down alot of sub-reddit that are promoting any such activities that are against there terms and conditions and there, which is result to the banding of a lot if sub-reddits which some are having as many as 7 to 8 thousands of subscribers and other little ones with some hundreds of followers.

This is good when we look at how today the issue of racism have become the difficult to abort issue especially on social media and having to see reddit have started taking a very strict action against such activities would lowered the issue in some other social pages also.

According to many  and CEO of such sub-reddits, have shows their concise about the issue but when we are talking about terms it had to be kept in accordance meanwhile, the best solution as according to reddit is to ban such sub-reddit of the redditors.

What others have to get in touch

Well, since reddit have make such decision and result in an immediate action to ban recism and conflicts communities (sub-reddits) a lot of people support the idea, while others are against it but other similar social networks like Facebook and similar ones have to get in touch and have to take similar action taken by reddit to ban recism and conflicts promotion communities.

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