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Forgot Your Phone Password? Here’s Solution



Many people have been finding it so Difficult to recover their lost or forgotten password, its obvious that we all sometimes forget passwords.
We can have passwords in our android but how about when we come and just forget those encryption we’ve used to secure our devices may be from others not to touch it or something like that.
We can all forgets the passwords have used previously in their Smartphone, so there by becoming a kind of a great obstacle to them. Today We are happy to wipe out your tears as you are going to learn how to solve that just follow us gently to learn effectively; are you really having trouble remembering your password? Then you are safe here because our aims are to give the best to the student and researchers we can to the technological world.

How do I solve that?


It normally happens like we really don’t want our friends or little brothers to be having an access to our mobile phones and we thing the only way to overcome that is by putting a security in the device so that no one can access it without the owner’s permission. So and its sometime difficult to remember the password we use; that really sucks and we need to use our phones urgently because it’s not easy to stay without enjoying the chats with our friends and loved ones.


Note: You will lose your data you store in the phone so you can get some file recovery apps for Windows Mac or Linux to restore your files safely. Follow these steps to bypass your password and unlock your phone easily you don’t need pc to do that.
1-     Make sure your phone is off if not switch off your Android device smoothly do not rush make sure you are careful and you follow each step accordingly for better result if off completely, then you proceed.
2-     So this is the step that is a little bit different according to your Android device manufacturer because so many android devices differs from others so you need to read this very carefully because your phone  might be different with others.
So it’s a time to enter into your factory Settings where you can make changes to your android before it boots into it normal state. To achieve this kindly enter the factory settings mode by pressing and holding your power key together with your volume-up or volume-down key depending on your android but phones like Samsung is by holding the Home-key and the volume-down or Volume-up key hold them for some times until it vibrates or until it boots then release it you are now in factory mode.

3-     So you have to be in the factory mode by now so Look for an option that says “Clear emc” some phone might comes up in Chinese or a different language so just looks for an option that ends in “emc” and press it you can use the volume keys to navigate between selections and the power key to activate an option.
4-     The phone will now reboot, wait for the process to complete successfully do not pretend to stop it as it might course problem to your Device.
You are good to go now you can check and see the security (pattern, pin or code) disappears. Don’t take your phone for others to flash it but do it yourself don’t worry we don’t need pc for the procedures to complete. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Share with all your family, friends and your enemies of course. Having issues? Then do not hesitate to use the Comment box bellow for enquires, suggestions and testimonies.

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    10 Tips You Can Use To Safeguard Your Password From Hackers




    Many people around the world who are on the internet have about 2-5 online accounts (or even more) with passwords on different passwords. Today, I am giving out tips on how to safeguard your account from hackers.

    Its very dangerous to use one password for different accounts because if unfortunately a hacker gains access into one of your accounts, he can hack into your other accounts as well.

    I must tell you that weak passwords has been the causes of many cases of identified internet theft. Its difficult for hackers to even hack your account if they don’t have a bit of your information, so you need to be careful of how you interact with people be it on social media or face-to-face conversation.

    How To Create A Strong Password For Your Online Accounts

    Looking at the way the online world is today, having a strong password is a must. The only problem is that strong passwords are difficult to remember.

    Adding a meaningful symbol to the password you are currently using is the best way you can safeguard your account from hackers.

    Here are the list of things that needs to added or done to increase the strength and security rate of your password.


    Its surprising to me that until now, few people still make use of their names, nicknames, date of birth, brothers/sisters name, parents name or even that of their close friend. Although a lot of people have heard this warning, only few heeded to it.

    Passwords that are connected to you are weak passwords that can easily be guessed by a hacker or a friend living around you.

    Other known weak password includes using your registration number of any institution, name of best friend, wife or husband, and any other thing connected to you. Any intelligent hacker who wants to hack you will start by guessing all these.

    So keep it as a rule, don’t use any of them.


    Longer passwords which include letters, numbers and symbols is what you should always use each time you signup on a website. It will be difficult for a hacker to guess your password if its longer.


    I won’t advise you to make use of common words like internet, web, domain, book, etc. Dont use any word(s) you feel is commonly used by people. It is not also good to use slangs that are in vogue. Hackers can use some hacking softwares to generate passwords from this common words.


    Rather than making use of words, names or date, make use of a sentence you’ll remember easily. For example, you can use, davidistheownerofthetechextreme. Note: don’t apply this method when creating a password. Am just giving an example.


    If you still prefer to use a name or anything related to you as your password, then adding symbols is the best way to make your password stronger.


    If you want to use a name or anything related to you. It will be better if you mix it with letters and numbers. If you create your password like this, it will be very difficult for hackers to break through.


    A lot of us when creating password do use letters or numbers and in a sequential order. For example, ABC and 345. This is not good because hackers can easily guess your password.


    Some websites has CASE SENSITIVES that allows its user to create uppercase and lowercase passwords. Just be sure that you capitalize letters you’ll remember quickly.

    Just like in number 4, you can see the the password is lowercase password. You can decide to add uppercase to it by capitalizing some of the letters. Example,

    There are some websites that generate password for people. Those password are knoWN as DEFAULT PASSWORD. These password are most generated for for those who lost their password.

    However, its not good to use this type of password. One they have sent you the password, login and change your password.


    I know you are wondering why I said you shouldn’t write it down. As days goes on, internet fraudsters are everywhere. So its not a very good idea to write it down as you might forget where you kept it. It could probably get into the hands of fraudsters.

    If you put the above list into consideration, then your account can’t be hacked by anybody.

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    How to

    How to Give Gmail Access to Someone Without Revealing Your Password




    When it comes to giving out your Gmail account’s password to someone, we tend to show reluctance because nobody is to be trusted. Evidently, everybody will find it hard to reveal his/her Gmail password to another person.

    Look, you have every right not to reveal your password to someone most especially if you are the type that use one password for all your account, although this is not a good practice.

    You would never want someone to gain access to your privacy, in fact, you revealing your password to someone will remain an impossibility.

    Now the big question is, What do I need to do if I had to give Gmail access to someone without sharing my password. The good news is that Gmail has already figured out a way for you.

    Let Delegates Access Your Gmail Account

    Gmail now comes with a feature that allows you to give a delegate an access to your account without giving out your password. Basically, what happens when you give a delegate an access to your account is that they can read, send and even delete messages in your gmail account.

    Whenever they send an email using your account, their own email is also included in the message. The have the liberty of managing gmail accounts. However, they can’t access your gmail settings which includes chatting with your contacts or changing your account password.

    You can add up to ten delegates in your regular account with these feature. Also, you can add up to twenty-five with your school or work account.

    It mostly works when you want to grant access to your assistants. And if you want to create a customer service account and you want many people to access it, then this feature will be of help to you.

    Read Also: Best Tips for Mobile Application Security

    How To Add Delegates In Your Gmail Account

    Step 1: Open your Gmail and sign in with your account credentials.

    Step 2: Head to the Settings and then click ‘Accounts and Import’.

    gmail access

    Step 3: Scroll down a bit until you come across ‘Grant access to your account’. Here click ‘Add another account’. In the same section, you will also be required to choose whether you want the messages read by delegates to be marked as read or not.

    Step 4: On clicking ‘Add another account,’ a new window will pop on your screen, asking you to enter the email address of the person you want to give access to your account. Later, confirm that you want to share access with that person.

    gmail access

    Step 5: Once you confirm, the delegate will instantly receive an email on their email address containing a link that they are required to click within seven days of receiving the email. If they won’t open the link within seven days, the offer will expire.

    You will know when someone has accepted to become your delegate simply by going back to the Accounts and Import section. The email address of the person will appear in the same section once they have accepted your request.

    As per Google, the entire setting will take around thirty minutes to kick in. After that, your delegates will be able to view and send emails on your behalf.

    How to Remove Delegates in Your Gmail Account

    Just like you added delegates in your Gmail account, you can also remove them if you no longer want them to access your account. Here’s what you will need to do:

    Step 1: Head to your Gmail account’s settings and click ‘Account and Import.’

    Step 2: Under ‘Grant access to your account,’ click the ‘Delete’ option which is present next to the email account you want to remove.

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    Best Tips for Mobile Application Security



    Mobile app security pic

    An online business is very much dependent on mobile phone devices and other digital technologies but these techs are not without security risks. Many organizations give their workers access to the internal system through mobile platforms and have numerous applications installed in the business culture. These applications could serve as a gateway for hackers to access the corporate network and steal sensitive company data. Hence, the firms are required to take defensive measures to secure their mobile apps from hackers. Here are a few tips to ensure mobile application security.


    Use Trusted Devices

    The devices that we bring to the workplace are used for testing as well as app development. These devices are vulnerable to viruses and we mostly are not aware of the malicious content might be hiding in these devices. Millions of Android devices around the world are being attacked by hackers and have malicious content. The iOS devices also have their share of maliciousness. Updating an app and accessing the changes using the infected devices can spark potential security risk. Ensure downloading the app through trusted sources and using one secure device to create, modify and maintain your app.

    Reliable Network

    The network you are using to access and using the app should be secure. As we mentioned above, using multiple devices for your app is not secure and using a secure device over an insecure network carries the same risks. Suppose your employee carries and access your app at a coffee shop or any public area. You never know what kinds of people are using that network. There might be a hacker on that network.

    Mobile application containerization can be an effective way to ensure the network security. It includes creating encrypted containers to store your app data. Also, you can get services of a network security specialist to check for the vulnerabilities on your network. As well as database encryption, you can use virtual private network (VPN), transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL).

    Use Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Many are not familiar with threat intelligence but this is among the effective solutions to help the businesses prone to a security threat. The primary purpose of this intelligence is to help organizations understand the potential dangers and internal and external cyber-security threats. It is organized, analyzed and refined information about current or potential threats that help to fight against a possible attack that can occur at any given time from an unknown source or network.

    Secure App Code

    Securing a mobile app is different than securing the traditional web applications wherein the data is safely stored on the server and browser is just the interface to connect. On the other, the code of mobile applications remains on the mobile phone after download making the app vulnerable to viruses. The code can be infected due to external attacks caused by the loopholes of network and data security. Anything can cause vulnerability like errors in code and bugs remained unidentified during the testing. You can safeguard the code of your app using encryption as well as modification and obfuscation. It is also a wise decision to implement well-supported algorithms with API encryption.

    Authentication and Authorization

    The grouping of authorization, authentication and APIs can protect your app data collecting relevant information from the user. This adds a layer of security to the app login procedure. Make sure that your app does not rely on someone else’s API because it will make you hooked on someone else’s code to stay secure. But if you are dependent, providing access only to the necessary app parts could minimize vulnerability.

    Protect Customer Data

    The mobile app security is influenced by numerous factors. Of these factors the data and code are the most important. The quality, bandwidth and performance of the devices can also effect app functioning and security. When a large amount of data is stored on a device, the chances of that device becoming vulnerable are more. A hacked app leaks customer data without letting them know. File-level encryption can protect customer data from being read if the app is hacked. The mobile database encryption lets you store local data safely. Also, while developing the app, ensure that it does not contain sensitive customer data such as passwords. If this accesses, ensure encrypting the storage.

    Test Mobile App Frequently

    Testing is the crucial step to ensure that your mobile app is secure. Do not test your app for once but continue looking for the app bugs on regular basis. Start testing during the process of the app development and do this occasionally even after the development completes. Apart from the app code, the app functionality and usability are the major aspects of the app that need to be tested for the security. It helps you detect the vulnerabilities in the code and fix them before the app goes live.

    Mobile applications have become significant for the corporate but there is a need to protect them from external intrusions. The cyber-criminals and nation states are constantly looking to exploit unsafe applications to track high profile individuals, steal company data or insert malware for monetary gain. We hope these tips will be helpful in ensuring mobile application security.

    Thanks for reading and don’t forget to bookmark us for great and latest tech updates.

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