Forgot Your Phone Password? Here’s Solution

Many people have been finding it so Difficult to recover their lost or forgotten password, its obvious that we all sometimes forget passwords.
We can have passwords in our android but how about when we come and just forget those encryption we’ve used to secure our devices may be from others not to touch it or something like that.
We can all forgets the passwords have used previously in their Smartphone, so there by becoming a kind of a great obstacle to them. Today We are happy to wipe out your tears as you are going to learn how to solve that just follow us gently to learn effectively; are you really having trouble remembering your password? Then you are safe here because our aims are to give the best to the student and researchers we can to the technological world.

How do I solve that?


It normally happens like we really don’t want our friends or little brothers to be having an access to our mobile phones and we thing the only way to overcome that is by putting a security in the device so that no one can access it without the owner’s permission. So and its sometime difficult to remember the password we use; that really sucks and we need to use our phones urgently because it’s not easy to stay without enjoying the chats with our friends and loved ones.


Note: You will lose your data you store in the phone so you can get some file recovery apps for Windows Mac or Linux to restore your files safely. Follow these steps to bypass your password and unlock your phone easily you don’t need pc to do that.
1-     Make sure your phone is off if not switch off your Android device smoothly do not rush make sure you are careful and you follow each step accordingly for better result if off completely, then you proceed.
2-     So this is the step that is a little bit different according to your Android device manufacturer because so many android devices differs from others so you need to read this very carefully because your phone  might be different with others.
So it’s a time to enter into your factory Settings where you can make changes to your android before it boots into it normal state. To achieve this kindly enter the factory settings mode by pressing and holding your power key together with your volume-up or volume-down key depending on your android but phones like Samsung is by holding the Home-key and the volume-down or Volume-up key hold them for some times until it vibrates or until it boots then release it you are now in factory mode.

3-     So you have to be in the factory mode by now so Look for an option that says “Clear emc” some phone might comes up in Chinese or a different language so just looks for an option that ends in “emc” and press it you can use the volume keys to navigate between selections and the power key to activate an option.
4-     The phone will now reboot, wait for the process to complete successfully do not pretend to stop it as it might course problem to your Device.
You are good to go now you can check and see the security (pattern, pin or code) disappears. Don’t take your phone for others to flash it but do it yourself don’t worry we don’t need pc for the procedures to complete. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Share with all your family, friends and your enemies of course. Having issues? Then do not hesitate to use the Comment box bellow for enquires, suggestions and testimonies.
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