How To Recover Your Lost Data From Android/iOS Device

Have you ever mistakenly deleted something from your phone and regretted doing that. It could be an important text message, contacts, photos or even videos. Gone are those days you can’t retrieve files if mistakenly deleted. Since Android and iOS kept developing, retrieving your lost files have become quite easier.

So when next you lost an important file, you don’t need to panic as there are third party apps on both operating systems that can help you retrieve your lost files easily.

How To Recover Your Lost Data From Android/iOS Device

In case you mistakenly deleted any of your text messages, contacts, pictures and videos, here’s how to recover it immediately.

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As discussed earlier, third party apps are used on both operating systems to recover your lost pictures. In a situation your pictures are deleted mistakenly from your phone, you can download third-party apps like Deleted Photo Recovery Apps or Disk Digger from Google PlayStore.

Once any of your files have been deleted, you can head over to the app and scan to view recently deleted pictures.

diskdigger pro recovery

As far as iOS Smartphone is concerned, the process of recovering deleted pictures is even easier. If you have the updated iOS, then a Recently Deleted folder will be created in Photo app where all your deleted files will be stored for about thirty days.

Let’s say you deleted something in a hurry, you can go back to that folder and retrieve it. However, if you permanently deleted a file, then you have to use either you iCloud or iTunes account to retrieve the file.

Contacts And Text Messages

There are tons of apps out there on PlayStore that can help users keep track and retrieve their contacts, text messages and even pictures from their smartphone.

Android Data Recovery and Fone Paw Android Data Recovery are one of those apps that helps you with recovering of data from your android phone.

One good thing about apple is that they’ve tried a lot in making sure that its users don’t depend on third-party apps to recover their lost files. So, in case you lose your text messages or contacts, all you need to do is go to iTunes, click on the top right corner of your phone and then tap ‘Restore Backup’.

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After this, your device will automatically recover all the deleted and lost contacts and text messages that have been regularly backed up on iTunes.

Apart from recovering lost data from iTunes, users can also retrieve data using iCloud. For that, you need to log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password and then click on the Text Messages icon. Here you can select all the text messages you want to keep on your phone.

In the next step, you will head over to your iPhone’s settings and from there turn off ‘Text Messages’ and click on ‘Keep on my iPhone’. Once you’re done with this step, turn the ‘Text Messages’ back on and then click on ‘Merge’ when it pops right in front of your mobile screen.

So now losing data from your device is not a problem anymore. You can restore the data as soon as possible.


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