How to Change/fix Android Imei Number

Today I have intended to offer a very wonderful topic which is on how to change the Imei
Number of your own android easily without the intervention of a pc, fast and you need
to have root access if you don’t know how you can root your device, you can check out our tutorial 

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before we start, I will like to tell about Imei, you what you need Imei for,
and how you can change you’re Android Imei.


An Imei is a series of numbers usually placed at the back of
your Device. They are very special numbers and every Device’s own is Unique its
use as identification to that particular Device Either on the internet or by a
global positioning system {GPS}. As I told you that each device in the internet
has its own unique Imei identifying the Device type. Not even when it’s
connected to the internet but even when you are offline; your imei can be accessed
by dialing *#06# any mobile phone not necessarily Android but any IOS Mobile,
Android, Windows mobile, java enabled mobile or even a common mobile that
cannot access the net.
what you need Imei for
As we have discussed earlier about an Imei, then a lot of
people will start questioning themselves; Why do you need an Imei??? So am
congratulating you that you ask in the right place because skytechers have
solution to all your problems and your questions. So it goes like this >>
you might need to reset your Android to factory Default and there by resulting
in the lost of you Imei Number  so what
will be at your mind now is that… what happen to your droid? Because without
the Imei number, you can’t even make a call not even to compose a message. So
then that’s the problem caused by an Invalid Imei because it wouldn’t even show
up the SIM Name. So follow us fluently to know how to bring back you device
back to full life. As I said earlier you have to root you android before you
putting or changing the Imei. Here we go>>>


Step 1
 You need an app to
achieve this first Download the App here>>


After you have downloaded and successfully install the App,
the name of the app is chamelophon. You need to follow our root tutorial in
order to root your phone successfully. And make sure after you open the app you
will see an authentication as you can see from the image below just tap on
allow or grant access to chamelophon.

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Step 3
you will see an interface where you can enter the Digits of the Imei usually
sixteen digits
; now that you have reach have this step, open the
cover of your phone to reveal the Imei of you phone. That is if you wish to put
back your default Imei.



Now that you have know your Imei, so you just have to
enter the Imei into the field provided IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 after
that, just click on apply new Imei and just restart your phone. After
successful Droid Reboot, Now dial *#06# to see your Applied Imei.

NOTE: You may encounter a problem such as the lost of your device
Imei or having difficulties revealing your device Imei, so just dial the option
“GENERATE RANDOM IMEI” and apply the generated one then just reboot and check
you Imei number as specified above.

Do you encounter a problem with any of the steps? Then
ask your question using the comment section and receive a fast response. THANKS

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