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How to Change/fix Android Imei Number




Today I have intended to offer a very wonderful topic which is on how to change the Imei
Number of your own android easily without the intervention of a pc, fast and you need
to have root access if you don’t know how you can root your device, you can check out our tutorial 

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before we start, I will like to tell about Imei, you what you need Imei for,
and how you can change you’re Android Imei.


An Imei is a series of numbers usually placed at the back of
your Device. They are very special numbers and every Device’s own is Unique its
use as identification to that particular Device Either on the internet or by a
global positioning system {GPS}. As I told you that each device in the internet
has its own unique Imei identifying the Device type. Not even when it’s
connected to the internet but even when you are offline; your imei can be accessed
by dialing *#06# any mobile phone not necessarily Android but any IOS Mobile,
Android, Windows mobile, java enabled mobile or even a common mobile that
cannot access the net.
what you need Imei for
As we have discussed earlier about an Imei, then a lot of
people will start questioning themselves; Why do you need an Imei??? So am
congratulating you that you ask in the right place because skytechers have
solution to all your problems and your questions. So it goes like this >>
you might need to reset your Android to factory Default and there by resulting
in the lost of you Imei Number  so what
will be at your mind now is that… what happen to your droid? Because without
the Imei number, you can’t even make a call not even to compose a message. So
then that’s the problem caused by an Invalid Imei because it wouldn’t even show
up the SIM Name. So follow us fluently to know how to bring back you device
back to full life. As I said earlier you have to root you android before you
putting or changing the Imei. Here we go>>>


Step 1
 You need an app to
achieve this first Download the App here>>


After you have downloaded and successfully install the App,
the name of the app is chamelophon. You need to follow our root tutorial in
order to root your phone successfully. And make sure after you open the app you
will see an authentication as you can see from the image below just tap on
allow or grant access to chamelophon.

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Step 3
you will see an interface where you can enter the Digits of the Imei usually
sixteen digits
; now that you have reach have this step, open the
cover of your phone to reveal the Imei of you phone. That is if you wish to put
back your default Imei.



Now that you have know your Imei, so you just have to
enter the Imei into the field provided IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 after
that, just click on apply new Imei and just restart your phone. After
successful Droid Reboot, Now dial *#06# to see your Applied Imei.

NOTE: You may encounter a problem such as the lost of your device
Imei or having difficulties revealing your device Imei, so just dial the option
“GENERATE RANDOM IMEI” and apply the generated one then just reboot and check
you Imei number as specified above.

Do you encounter a problem with any of the steps? Then
ask your question using the comment section and receive a fast response. THANKS

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Best Guide For installing Kali Linux on your android device




Installing Kali Linux is very awesome for people that loves to see the feature of Linux live in their smartphones, because Kali Linux one of the best passion operating system of white hat hackers, security researchers and pentester. It gives advanced penetration testing tool and its ease of use implies that it should be a part of every security professional’s toolbox.

Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets grant researchers and pentester to perform ” security checks” on things like cracking WEP Wi-Fi passwords, finding the vulnerabilities and bugs or cracking security on websites. This opens the door for doing this from a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet.

It’s also possible to install Kali Linux Distribution on your Android phone by following the instructions below:

Install Kali Linux on android

Let’s Begin,

Requirement Install Kali Linux on your android device:
Completely charged Android Phone
Rooted Android Device.
Busybox Installer.(Download)
Linux Deploy.(Download)
Android VNC Viewer.(Download)
4GB Free Space on your Android Phone or external Memory.
High-Speed Internet Connection.
STEP 1: (Rooting The Android Device)

Root your android machine with the given tutorial.

STEP 2: (Installing Busybox)

First, we need to install UNIX Scripts into our device using the Busybox Installer app. Download the app from the above-given link and install it in your tablet Linux.

STEP 3: Set up Linux Deploy

First of all download and install the Linux Deploy App on your android device from Google Play Store.
Now After downloading and installing it launch the app in your device and there tap on the download button.
Just right there; tap on Distribution option and change it to Kali Linux instead of Linux.
So  scroll up and click on the Install button at the top of there.
You will need to wait for the download to finish, it require time depending upon your internet speed. keep in mind that installing Kali Linux is very simple with skytechers installations guide keep on following us so that we do it together and perfectly.

STEP 4: Install VNC Viewer

Now download and install VNC Viewer App in your android from the Play Store.
After you have downloaded it, now you will need to launch the VNC Viewer App and fill up the settings as suggested and make sure all the proper settings are sets up.
Now click on Connect button there.

Wow that’s just it, you’re done and you will be able to run Kali Linux on your Android smartphone or tablet which you have just learn the pro guide for installing Kali Linux on your Android Device.

As easy as just using Kali Linux OS in Your Android smartphone.

That’s just the steps required to follow in order to achieve greater installation without having any issue or was it a question you wanted to ask, then that’s why the comment box is always visible bellow.

Don’t forget to hit the available share button below for others to know.

Just feel free and comment we will make sure you receive a faster respond.

Happy Reading!

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How to convert your smartphone into a super spy camera






How to Convert Your Smartphone into a Super Spy Camera,
Ah, the smartphones! What could our lives be if they were bereft of these essential friendly gizmos! After all, they can be used for purposes aplenty– from GPS tracking utilities for guiding us through the Himalayan gorges to snazzy accessories for keeping us entertained on loop while we are commuting and what not! But here, we are going to talk about one ‘sneaky’ benefit of smartphones that has remained oblivious or rather hidden to most of the users. Did we say ‘hidden’? Well, did you know you can use your smartphone as a spy camera as well? No? Smartphones can be fairly deceptive, at times. And, if you are someone who has a paranoid itch to keep a tab on someone creepy or some spooky place, but have a tight budget, fret not. Expensive spy cameras are passé. But, you must concur, there are many great uses of spy cameras that can come in handy for anyone, anytime. So, it only makes sense to replicate the charm of spy cameras by using a handy smartphone in your pocket. And, don’t worry about the OS, it could be either an Android device or iPhone.convert smartphone into super spy camera

To get the ultimate feel of a super spy like Ethan Hunt or James Bond for accomplishing your spying mission, you can snoop on your nemesis with your smartphone with some added peripherals such as a smartphone charger, a tripod for mounting, and a computer for monitoring your feed. Down below are some ways to become a spy on a covert mission with a smartphone by your side. Have a good look, aye!

#1: Turning your Android phone into a spy camera

If you are an Android freak, there are hordes of best camera apps available on Google Play that can help you with remote camera needs. For instance, there is a simple, easy-to-use Android app you can install called IP Webcam just for all your personal security setup. The best thing about IP Webcam is that it is free to download on Google play, though, be forewarned as you might get bugged with the in-built advertising on the app. Your one-stop solution to everything spying, IP Webcam allows you to configure not only the resolution of your video feed, audio quality but has controls that ensure your phone doesn’t go in a hibernation mode whilst the camera is still running.

How to Install IP Webcam?



*Just go to Google Play Store, search for IP Webcam App and click download.

*Once the download is over, install it.

* Now connect your phone and laptop with Wi-Fi and then launch the app.

*Select start server and your app will pop a URL at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

*Simply, type in the exact URL into your Laptop’s browser and monitor all the gracious feed.

Reminder: You ought to give IP Webcam complete access to your Android phone’s camera. In other words, no other apps can use the camera while IP Webcam is running in the background. Once IP Webcam is running, you can set up your smartphone anywhere you want for monitoring, or plug it straight up into an AC adapter, and then connect it through to your PC for reviewing your FEED!

#2. Turning your iPhone into a spy camera

This might come across as a pleasant surprise, but iPhone owners have some awesome options to setup remote camera viewing. However, these options are sneak freaks in their own right. For instance, Presence uses your iPhone’s camera to secretly snoop on anyone and offers free connectivity to another iOS or android for viewing. The downside is, it cannot record. Similarly, Baby Monitor 3G is a powerhouse automation app that allows you monitor a baby in their crib while you pull off household chores. Furthermore, it can also be used to keep a check on the nanny who is looking after the baby.

Besides providing a high-quality video feed, the app lets you use your old iPhone as a wireless baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby and the nanny at the same time. The biggest plus with this app is that it can be used on Android devices as well. It’s safe to say that Baby Monitor 3G is a truly cross platform baby monitoring solution.

Moreover, selling some extra bucks can render this app to even connect seamlessly to a Mac letting you talk to your baby. Aren’t these options great for watching your child and talking to them?

How To install baby monitor 3G?

baby monitor 3g

*Hop into the iTunes store, search and download Baby Monitor 3G.

*After the download is over, do ensure that you have at least two devices for properly using the app. You would need one I-Phone for recording the feed and the other for monitoring the feed.

* Now you can pair the two devices and voila! You’re set!

#3. How to connect your phone to your PC


Installing cam app

Now, comes the most important part. To witness how good your spying efforts are coming along with a smartphone, you need to view the camera’s feed, record footage, and detect motion or sound with your camera. Albeit, you can do this in a limited way on an iPhone, but if you’re using IP Webcam on an Android device, here are some ways to watch the recorded feed on your computer. Just click open any media player such as VLC, Windows Media Player, Total Video Player that is compatible with the stream. However, we recommend using VLC as your preferred medium for watching, reviewing feed. Just click open VLC media player icon and choose- Open Network Stream option on the Media tab and type in the URL to your remote camera. Once you have entered it, you can easily connect and see through your smartphone’s camera anytime and anywhere!

Now that you have the apps by your side, here’s hoping that you will master the art of spying in no time!

Thanks for reading and your comments motivate us; Don’t forget to use the comment section and make the right decision by subscribing for our updates free!

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How to Root Your Android Without PC Easily


How To Root Your Android Device Easily Without a PC

As you see the header of our topic about rooting an android device without the need or an involvement of a PC, and I believe if you finish following or simple and easy tutorial, you will find a helpful tips, tricks and ways to have access to your Android root. but before we delve into the mania of our tutorials i no some people doesn’t even knows what is meant by “ROOTING”, so just wait and follow us gently as Skytechers is here to solve all your possible problems using our genuine and authentic measures.
so here we go…

What Is Rooting And some of the advantages and the Disadvantages of Rooting.

So firstly we’re going to start by knowing what is rooting in terms of the computing world, So rooting is the process of having an entire control over your Device (Since we’re dealing with device), when you root your device then you can have root access of your Device having to even delete the default apps(sometimes). so the more you root your device, is just like you are now having root access over your android device.

Some Advantages

Rooting Have tons of advantages but we are going to just helps with a little few among the advantage of rooting your android device; some of this merits are listed here:

Installing some of the apps that requires root access

As we all know we really loves to download and use many apps, where by some of the apps will need root access and if you don’t have root access ( Didn’t root your phone) then you will miss the use of the app you’ve download and wanted to use.

Will loves to see you having root access
All we want is to have root access so we will be glad to see the issue is  been solved. having the topmost root access of our device gives us many more advantages. only few are mentioned here.
Some Disadvantages
Since we know rooting has many merits that we have make  mention earlier, so and for all things especially the one dealing with Device has Great side and the back side or we call them the advantages and the disadvantages as we are going to now list some the few disadvantages
Security Status Of your Device after rooting your android device
After you have root your device, don’t forget that your device security privacy is exposed now you can face any security penalties or privacy penalty which some times result to some other leading devices.
You Can Now Install every App
 As i make mention earlier, that you have just obtain root access of your Android device and then you might download and install a malware which may cause some inconveniences there by resulting in users device bricked or being attacked by a malware you install yourself. so know the kinds of apps you install after root.
So now since you know what is meant by rooting an Android device, with some of its merits and demerits, so i know by now you may have the intention of either to root or not to root you device.
so do it at your own risk.
So here are the procedures if you are ready to root your Android Device; we are using one of the fastest and greatest Android Rooting applications known as KINGROOT  it has many versions some works and some doesn’t work actually but you can download the working version HERE>>>
So follow this steps to root your Android…..:
>>>After you download the app, install the app and make sure you have a working and strong internet connectivity in order to get started.
as you can see from this image:
>>> Open the kingroot app after successfully installation, you can see welcome image so just proceed and wait for it to obtain root access from your device.
>>> So now you can see a button that says Try Root or Root now  just click what ever it says after checking for the root access from your device, so you will begin to see a loading screen just wait for the process to complete and you are all done You just root your android device.
Don,t forget to use the comment section for question or testimonies skytechers love to see your comments.

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