The Google great experiments in local news with an app called Bulletin

The Google great experiments in local news with an app called Bulletin

Nowadays, when people want to share news to their community, they either tweet or live feed it through various social media platforms.

Keeping this need in mind, Google is testing a new app named Bulletin to share news to your local community with just one click. It is in its Pilot program stage of testing in areas of Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland. People in that area can become a part of testing and use it after signing up.

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This app is designed in such a way that any user can post news including photos, videos and messages without any need of website or blog or medium specifically. This feature makes it more user friendly and easy way to publicize content. Furthermore, Bulletin stories are going to be public and credit will be given to the author. This way you can also search it on Google and then share it via other apps or through messaging or emails.

The news may include any event information and reviews, sporting events, upcoming events etc. Google also wants to merge this new app with local news organizations and are in talks with them. This way they can publish their stories and news on Bulletin and get credit for their work.

On the website that is up right now, Bulletin is described as “Impactful, Open and Effortless”. It seems to focus on stories that are left unsaid but are inspiring.

Their USP might lay in area that the stories are going to be relevant to you and you wouldn’t have to waste time and energy on irrelevant stories being up all day. While it also claims that the app is going to be effortless and convenient for everyday user.

For a huge company like Google, advantage could be its trusted and large userbase, as people tend to go for products that are from a known branded company. If the App is able to garner interest and create an initial user base, this App might survive or it may be a failed attempt for the company to establish itself in social media space again.

Competition in Local news business is fierce seeing the already established players and also users who would rather stick to already known platform than a new one. It would be interesting to see what more features can Google integrate making this app more appealing to users.


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