Alat: First Nigerian Digital Bank Moves The Country Tech Forward

The Technology of a First Nigerian Digital Bank makes the way forward as the well known bank (WEMA Bank) naming the bank to be ALAT have takes the first place to bring technology of digital bank forward. A very advancement in the country as this is going to be the first fully digital bank in the country and some of it’s neighbors.

A Pictorial Over view of the UI is given bellow:

alat by wemaalat


Here let’s see the breakdown of how the bank started and whats the benefit and promos it brings to its new and existing users bellow.

Features And Promo

The bank have many feature that make it to be considered as the first fully digital bank in the country and as a result, it have comes it amazing features that All Nigerians would love lets take the features in details and why we support the advancement of the technology in banking system bought by ALAT in Nigeria.

  • Fully Registration Online: Alat makes it very easy by giving its users access to register for an account fully online and gets there activated online, making it an easy task in terms of bank registration.
  • Deposit Online : Alat makes the process of depositing money really an easy task by adding a money deposition feature to the banking system right withing the app, all you need to do is use any of your bank ATM Cards that supports working online and deposit money to your account with a very high risk fraud protection by the means of card verification services. it also support the use of international Cards.
  • Fully Online Documents Upload Management : As all banking institutions ask you to submit documents, Alat have made it all easier by embedding the feature that allows you to upload your documents and gets verified by some of the bank agents and you get notified when more information is needed from you.
  • Very Beautiful Design UI App : As we called the word “Digital” this will and can be achieved online with great and high quality services, Alat have made it by using a very good User Interface in their app to make digital banking easier for every one you can you can download their app in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by searching the keyword “Alat”
  • Great Card : when you register for an account, you can choose your card type and request it’s delivery, what makes this card awesome is that you can use it abroad when you traveled to other parts of the world by scheduling your travelling date, making your card available to work in other countries too.
  • Card Delivery : With an account with alat, getting your card delivered is always easier and will be delivered as soon as your account is registered with them and gets activated. Cards are normally delivered using UPS Express Delivery and you will be called as soon as your card is successfully delivered and ready for pickup.
  • More Features Included : These are just a brief information about some of the features of Alat digital bank by WEMA Bank, you can register an account with them HERE and enjoy all of Alat Excellent features.
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Promo And How to Register an Account

Disclaimer : Know that this is a sponsored post and you may use the referral code that will be given bellow and when you do so, we will get commission in this case.

1. visit This Link and click on “get it on google play” to download the mobile App
2.after downloading click on sign up to create your account
(Follow the simple steps to create your wema Alat bank account)
Make use of this referral code for your own registration      D16XNW
3.Once your account has been created kindly proceed to fund your account by either making a transfer to your alat account using the account number on your dashboard or by using your other banks ATM to send #500 to your Wema bank account
5.Once your account has been funded click on refer a friend, copy your referral code and start promoting on places like social media or telling your friends about wema bank and how to register.
When you refer a friend, u will be rewarded #500 naira from WEMA on each person you refer And if You refer 10 people u will be credited with additional 5000 naira making total of 10,000 naira for 10 people you refer and you can withdraw the money from the BANK Or transfer it to any bank of your choice.
The account is a Standard savings account, it can accept more up 200000 naira at a time, and the type of the card is Master Card.
That’s just the easy process you can follow to be among the First Nigerian Digital bank, Don’t forget to subscribe for our updates and share this with all your friends to let every body knows that we have a new digital bank and the advancement of banking technology in Nigeria.

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