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Facebook Launches Gaming Creator Pilot Program to Lure Twitch Streamers



It’s no secret that Facebook has lengthy been looking to make its call within the video international. Alternatively, with the exception of changing into a spot the place persons are sharing humorous and motivational movies, Fb hasn’t actually been a hit.

It’s as a result of the platform has no longer been actually a hit in terms of wooing most sensible creators from platforms like YouTube. Facebook attempted a large number of such things as growing its personal Fb Writer App and introducing advertisements to release a YouTube-like monetization program.

Nonetheless, the corporate is a long way from posing any problem to YouTube. Perhaps that’s why Facebook is transferring its focal point and needs to focus on any other video or slightly streaming website online as a substitute. The platform we’re speaking about is Twitch, and it’s obviously Fb’s subsequent goal.

In a weblog submit revealed on its Developer Information platform, Fb introduced the release of its gaming writer pilot program, which goals at serving to long run creators make the most of its platform.

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In keeping with the submit, there are 4 major goals that Fb needs to appreciate with its gaming writer pilot program:

Serving to gaming creators construct extra significant and extra engaged communities on Fb than anyplace else.

Expanding discovery and distribution throughout more than one surfaces, together with Fb.com, Instagram, and Oculus.

Supporting gaming creators with the sorts of equipment they wish to make a dwelling streaming video games on Fb.

Construction a platform the place creators at each and every stage be able to thrive.

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Now not simplest that, Facebook additionally needs to duplicate and paste Twitch’s donation function which is the primary supply of source of revenue for lots of Twitch streamers. The submit learn,

“Many gaming creators monetize their movies without delay from the beef up in their passionate enthusiasts, and we’re actively exploring techniques for enthusiasts to again their favourite gaming creators by way of bills all the way through make a choice reside streams on Fb.com.”

So, as you’ll be able to see, Facebook is occurring a complete on assault mode on Twitch because it needs to be the following large position for recreation streamers.

Fb’s recognition and large assets have already helped the corporate protected offers from big-name gaming corporations like Snow fall, and the corporate has already secured unique offers to broadcast Dota 2 and Counter-Strike tournaments.

The one lacking piece of the puzzle is the streamers who in reality play and circulate their video games, and if it may execute its plans, the social media large could have them lovely quickly too.

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Reliance JioFiber with Free 100Mbps Internet to be Launched in March: Report Says




After several months of rumors, speculations and alleged leaks, JioFiber, the much-hyped Fiber broadband network from Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio, may finally see the light of day this March, according to reports today.

The JioFiber service could apparently launch as early as next month, as per a report in DNA. While the exact launch date for the JioFiber service is yet unknown, the story suggests that the company will look to disrupt the country’s broadband market with lucratively-priced high-speed offerings, just like it did with its LTE services back in 2016.

What we do know, however, is that Jio will offer India’s first large-scale, commercial Gigabit services, something the company has long been testing in at least 10 cities around the country including, but not limited to, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara.


One thing to note here is that the March-end date that is being touted, is unlikely to be the full-fledged commercial launch of JioFiber. Just like it did with its LTE services back in 2016, Jio is expected to have a soft launch next month, whereby the company will offer free services to customers till the official launch at a later date.

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Earlier rumors suggested that the pricing of the JioFiber will start at Rs. 500 for 600GB of data at 100Mbps, although, you’ll do well to take these figures with more than just a pinch of salt. It remains to be seen if Jio can do to the home broadband market what it did to the cellular market over the past couple of years.

The company already has a lot of goodwill among consumers because of the way it handled the roll out of its 4G services (all the petabytes of free data didn’t hurt either), so it will be interesting to see if the company can finally also democratize home broadband, which has traditionally suffered from slow speeds, reliability issues and absurdly high pricing. If it can, expect the likes of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Videos gain even more traction in the days to come.

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‘Drive-by’ Crypto-Mining Affecting Millions of Android Users: Malwarebytes




If you haven’t been paying attention to the rising scourge of crypto-mining scripts on websites hijacking your computer hardware to mine cryptocurrencies, you should.

From Facebook to YouTube, nobody is apparently safe from this growing menace, with recent reports even suggesting that thousands of government sites in the UK were recently targeted by crypto-mining malware. Now, security researchers at Malwarebytes are reporting that they have found evidence that millions of Android devices may have become part of the largest “drive-by crypto-mining campaign” targeted specifically at mobile devices.

According to the research published on the company’s official blog yesterday, the fact that most people do not use any web-filtering or security applications on their smartphones is being exploited by a section of cyber-criminals to run crypto-mining scripts for Monero (XMR), one of the leading cryptocurrencies right now.

“In a campaign we first observed in late January, but which appears to have started at least around November 2017, millions of mobile users (we believe Android devices are targeted) have been redirected to a specifically designed page performing in-browser cryptomining”.

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The exploit uses forced redirects and Trojanized apps, which are not new, but in a curious bit of social engineering, they are honest about being crypto miners. While most cyber-criminals would keep this fact hidden, this new wave of miners is being clear about its purpose. The attackers claim the mining is being done to pay for server traffic, and will continue to do so until the visitor can prove they are human and not ‘bots’, by solving a captcha.


As can be seen in the above screenshots, the sites ask visitors to solve a captcha and till then will use the phone’s resources to mine Monero.

Malwarebytes has listed the affected domains and also the sites with redirect you to these domains. It would be wise to block these from your network if you have the know-how. Ominously, the company warns that the problem is going to get worse with more such mining attacks likely to hit the web.

“The first (domain) was registered in late November 2017, and new domains have been created since then, always with the same template”. With cryptocurrencies bouncing back from a slump off-late, it would be interesting to see whether this particular modus operandi will continue in the same vein even after its discovery.

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New Skype Bug Could Provide Unrestricted Access to Hackers




A new bug has been discovered in Skype’s updater which can potentially allow hackers to gain complete access to a user’s system. First reported by security expert Stefan Kanthak at Seclists.org, the bug can be exploited to gain unrestricted access to every part of the operating system.

According to Kanthak:

“Once installed, Skype uses its own proprietary update mechanism instead of Windows/Microsoft Update…[Because] Skype periodically runs ‘%ProgramFile%\Skype\Updater\Updater.exe’ under the SYSTEM account, when an update is available, [the] Updater.exe copies/extracts another executable as ‘%SystemRoot%\Temp\SKY.tmp” /QUIET’.”

Kanthak goes on to explain that it is because of the aforementioned executable that the updater is vulnerable. Hackers can make use of DLL highjacking as the executable loads at least one DLL file called ‘UXTheme.dll’ from its application directory instead of loading its from the Windows system directory.

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If a local user is able to place the UXTheme.dll or any of the other DLLs loaded by the vulnerable executable, the user will be able to gain access to the SYSTEM account. Microsoft has already ways to avoid the vulnerability, but Kanthak claims that the company’s developers seem to be ignoring the issue.

Kanthak adds that he alerted Microsoft about the bug back in September, but the company has not released a fix. According to Seclists’ reported timeline of the bug, Microsoft is expected to release a fix in a newer version of Skype, instead of rolling out a dedicated security update, as the latter option would be too painstaking giving the company’s development cycle.

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