Latest Drone Footage Shows Apple Park In Its Near Completed Glory

Apple is continuing final touches on its new Apple Park headquarters. The Apple Park campus has been under construction for the past five years.

Now, the first drone footage of 2018 shows development winding up, with most of the remaining work involving landscaping around the spaceship ring. “Latest Drone Footage Shows Apple Park In Its Near-Completed Glory”

The latest footage of the construction progress at the Apple Park has been shot by Duncan Sinfield, who uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

The flyover gives us a look at the Steve Jobs Theatre. The 120,000 square-foot, 1000-seat subterranean space was the setting for the iPhone X/iPhone 8 launch event back in September.

Sitting on top of the theatre’s lobby is the largest freestanding carbon-fiber roof ever made, consisting of 44 identical radial panels that measure 70 feet long and 11 feet wide on average.

The outskirts of Apple Park are still very barren, especially the areas around Apple Visitor Center that was opened to the public earlier in November last year.

How much did Apple Park cost?

It was originally estimated that the campus would cost half a billion dollars; the land alone cost $160 million. But (as is generally the case with large building projects), costs have overrun.

The budget for the new spaceship-like headquarters ballooned to a little under $3 billion in 2011 and almost $5 billion by 2013, although at this point it was reported that Apple was looking at ways to trim this by a billion. “Latest Drone Footage Shows Apple Park In Its Near-Completed Glory”

Few Words From Apple

Steps away from Apple Park is a special space we’ve created just for visitors. An architectural extension of our private campus, the Apple Park Visitor Center offers guests a place to learn, explore, shop, and more.


Created to illustrate our intention of building an office park that fits into the natural landscape, the Exhibition showcases the innovative design principles of Apple Park.


Designed to offer a highly curated selection of Apple products and accessories, the Store includes exclusive Apple- and Apple Park–branded merchandise.

Roof Terrace

The Roof Terrace features a unique view of Apple Park and its rolling landscape.



With comfortable seating both inside and out, the Cafe serves refreshments for guests to enjoy as they take in the surrounding olive grove.



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