Best Firefox Reviews and Shortcuts You Need to Know in 2017
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Firefox Shortcuts And Reviews You Need to Know In 2017




The Amazing Mozilla Fire Fox Shortcuts You Need to Know

There are many browser that powers our daily web surfs and to know how we  can manage and use these browsers is a very hard task for some people especially the noobs out there that is why we bring you the ultimate Firefox review and shortcuts.

Shortcuts Table With Their Descriptions
Shortcut Key Action Description
Alt+Left Arrow Navigates back the previous page
Backspace Navigates back the previous page
Alt+Right Arrow forwards a page
F5 Refresh current page,frame, or tab
F11 Display the current screen in a full page mode and pressing
thesame key again will exit from the full page display
ESC key Stop a page from loading or stop a file from downloading
CTRL+(- or +) Increasing the font size(+) or decreasing the font size(-)
CTRL+Enter Quickly Completes and address from the suggestion,
and then enters the address first suggested highlighted address
SHIFT+Enter Completes a .net instead of a .com address
CTRL+Shift+Enter Completes a .org address
CTRL+Shif+Del OPen the clear data window to quickly clear private data
CTRL+D Add the currently opened page as a bookmark
CTRL+I Display the available bookmarks
CTRL+J Dispaly the download window
CTRL+N Open new browser window
CTRL+P Prin the current page or frame
CTRL+T Opens new tab
CTRL+F4 or CTRL+W Close the current window
CTRL+Shift+T Undo the closed window
CTRL+Tab Navigates through each of the opened tabs
Spacebar Moves down a page at a time
SHIFT+Spacebar Moves up a page at a time
Alt+Down arrow Dispalys all previous text entered in a text box or available options in a drop down menu
CTRL+F lauch the find box in a particular page

As you can see these are the shortcuts that are represent in some modern browsers today making it easier and faster for us to use. you can easily use this shortcuts for use with other type of browsers like chrome for windows and its confirmed working, that is why we bring you the Best Firefox Reviews.

These shortcuts can help you increase the speed of your browsing navigation and some special task that you may want to finish up in hurry.

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What Makes Firefox So Special

Firefox is a browser that is very fast in navigation and a lot of internet users use the browser, the innovation of Firefox makes Using the web very easy as its build open, with alot of some many great sort of innovative technologies that allow developers to work free of closed, corporate ecosystems and create faster, safer web experiences for every one around the globe.

Some More Cool Feature Of Firefox

We have so many cool feature that was powered by Mozilla to the great Firefox to ease surfing the web and make it very easy for the whole planet. some of the features includes:


With the power of both third-party and the official plugins of Firefox, you can easily compare prices, check the weather, listen to music, send a tweet and more right from Firefox, just using some addons and plugins that will make the process so easily and fast.

Make For Different Platforms

Firefox is a great browser that was developed for a lot different platforms which is ready for Android, Ios, focus and Desktop Browsers.

Speed Test 

When talking about speed, Firefox score a very good score compared to some different modern browsers and which can be overcome by enabling Its New HTTP Cache.

Now I know you have got enough reasons why you sicked to your Firefox as your browser and if you are not already using Firefox I hope You know have enough reasons to try it out. You can Download Firefox from the link bellow.

Download Firefox Now

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share the knowledge; and let me know if you have any issue in executing the above listed shortcuts or if you have queries regarding the above Firefox feature or other problems in the comment box bellow. And Don’t forget to keep updated about other latest and updated post right in your inbox by subscribing for our Updates.

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Top 6 Ways on how the Internet is misused



how internet is unused

There are so many positive things that one can say about the internet. It has improved our technology, and made life easier.imagine having to know  how the Internet is misused; Living without video calls and emails seems unfathomable today. It’s amazing when we consider how much we rely on the internet for pretty much everything. Whether its basic research, study materials or school work, the internet is where we look to, to find such information.

But despite the many advantages the internet has brought, there are disadvantages also. Nothing is perfect in this world. Though, the internet is more positive than anything else, but we cannot use that as an excuse to ignore the drawbacks of using the internet.

how the internet is misued

1. Email Spamming

Since we wanted  to know  how the Internet is misused then we actually have to mention the part played by email spammers in order to stay alarmed  When mentioning email spam, we’re referring primarily to junk mail. There are one of two classifications that one can use to determine whether the email they’ve received can be considered spam, these are:

Is the email unwanted (unsolicited)?
Was the email sent in large quantities to numerous recipients?

One of the main drawbacks of email spam is the amount of bandwidth that it consumes. In addition to that, it’s also known to carry malicious files, such as scripts and viruses. When viewing these emails, downloading their attachments to your system, you may unknowingly infect your computer in the process.

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2. Identity Theft

The vast majority of people that surf the internet have at least one account on one of the many social websites out there. Whenever you make an account with any of these sites, you are required to give them your personal information, for identification purposes, of course. But what happens if the site you signed up to is fake, what if the site was created solely to steal the personal data off unsuspecting internet surfers?

The internet provides the perfect opportunity for both hackers and spammers to collect the personal information of unsuspecting people. Those pictures that you like to post online, could very easily end up on an adult website, you could also find yourself a victim of blackmail, or money extortion or any of the long lists of nefarious activities.

What these hackers will do with your personal information is another mystery that you should think about.

3. Pranksters

The internet is also home to a lot of pranksters. Not so long ago, Flipkart, which is an Indian ecommerce site, stopped delivery consignments with a value greater than a specific amount, this was because many people were ordering products on a Cash on Delivery basis and refusing to pay for the product.

As a result on how the Internet is misused, the company naturally had to foot the bill for the delivery costs. The sad part about it is that many people were doing it as a prank. They would visit local internet cafés and make orders for expensive products, and then use the address of an unsuspecting victim, and sit back and monitor the outcome.

4. Cyber Bullying

The internet is home to tens of millions of fake profiles parading themselves as legitimate users. The internet makes it easier for these insensitive peoples to abuse people anonymously. Cyber bullying is something that has been going on for quite some time now, and has left many people with mental scars. There have also been instances of suicide; the result of insults, teasing, lies, harassment and the spreading of rumours.

5. Hacking

Did your Facebook account just get hacked? Yes, well it could have been due to you using a weak password. Or maybe you gave the password to a friend once and forget to change it. Maybe you logged into your account while at an internet café. These are things that you need to be cognizant of, when on the internet. Hackers are out there looking for opportunities from users to take advantage of. Don’t make life easier for them by being reckless, consider using strong passwords, logging out whenever you leave your station, and never leave your system unattended.

6. Posting Fake Advertisements

The internet is without a doubt, the easiest way for you to reach out to others. However, many people use this advantage to their own evil ends. You may be looking for a job you can do online, which will provide you with that much needed cash. So you stumble upon an advertisement, one that looks too good to be true. You go ahead and contact the advertiser; little do you know that you are about to be lured into a trap.

The advertiser proceeds to ask you for your bank account details, and you, in your naive state, give it to him, hoping for some form of advanced payment. The main danger of looking for such offers on the internet is the fact that they can be fake, created by cyber criminals.

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How to

How to Schedule an Email on Gmail with Boomerang




There are several email services out there but Gmail is just the best and that’s why we rely on it. After trying out several email services, we came to realize that Gmail is simply the best amongst other.

The interface of Gmail is very user-friendly, that’s why we can compose and email and send it to our recipients as fast as possible. It’s very easy composing an email on Gmail as there are no difficulties with its surfaces. Moreover it has many interesting features in it.

Most times, when composing an email, the thought of not sending it immediately comes in. You either want to send it later because you have an important task at hand or because you’ve lost internet access. In such situations, the feature of scheduling emails on Gmail rescues you.


If you do make use of Gmail email services regularly, then you must be aware that the scheduling feature has not been launched yet. However, there’s still a way as you can still schedule an email.

For you to schedule an email on gmail, you’ll need a tool called Boomerang which is a Chrome extension and it works very well on computers or even smartphones.

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Scheduling an Email on Gmail</h3


Here’s how you can schedule an email on Gmail using Chrome browser on your desktop.

Step 1: First sign in to your Google account and then open Gmail.

Step 2: Head over to the Chrome website at

Boomerang Capture page

Step 3: Search for Boomerang for Gmail as a Chrome extension in the Chrome webstore and then add the extension to your web browser.

Step 4: Open your Gmail account in case you haven’t opened already

Step 5: As soon as you click on Compose, you will notice a new option at the bottom of the message box named as ‘Send later’.

Step 6: Compose your email in the message box like you do normally and then click ‘Send later’ menu to specify the time you want to send the email.

Step 7: You have the option of selecting it from 1 hour to 1 month or you can also set the exact time you want to send your email to someone.

Step 8: The tool can be authenticated by permitting pop-ups.

Step 9: Once you hit the ‘Send later’ button, your email will be scheduled and will be sent on that specified time.

Android Smartphone

You can also schedule an email on your Gmail account while using an Android smartphone. Let’s see how you can go about it.

Step 1: First of all, install the Boomerang Mail app on your smartphone from the Google Playstore.

Step 2: Once the app is installed on your phone, open the app and then select Gmail.

Step 3: Now, you will be asked to configure your Gmail ID and password in the app.

Step 4: After your Gmail account has been configured by the app, you can compose your email in the app and then tap ‘Send later’.

Step 5: Select the time and date you want to send your email

Step 6: After specifying the time and date, simply hit ‘Send later’ and then your email will be scheduled.

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