The Biggest Android Oreo 8.1 Features

The tech giant, google has been doing a good job over the years by keeping Android safe and feature-heavy. Over the years, it has received lot of updates till date and the exciting thing is that all of them have been pretty great. Some of these updates came with new features, some of them fixed the existing issues, while some of them came with new security protocols.

Android Oreo

All these updates were done because it was necessary and also to improve the overall user experience of android users. Android Nougat 7.0 really kept smile on people’s face and people are expecting something high from Android Oreo 8.1 as well.

This new update is already out in the new Google smartphone and if you own one, then you are in for a big treat. Some of the features has been openly mentioned, but there are some hidden quality of life improvement as well, and I’ll be discussing about them below.

Background Limits On Apps

In the last updates, there was no way you can stop an app from running in the background. This as we all know affected the performance of smartphones as many apps consumed the memory. However, with the new Android Oreo 8.1, you can now set background limits in your apps.

This means you can stop apps you aren’t using or apps you don’t use very often from consuming space in your RAM. This simply means that your active apps will run very smoothly. This feature that people have been demanding for a long period of time has finally happened.

In the previous updates, you have to maually delete apps in order to clean its background memory usage, but with this new feature, you have control over background limit on apps you don’t use very often.

Snooze Notifications

After being connected to the internet almost all day, the feed becomes filled with much notifications from different apps. Getting to see all the notifications is quite difficult which is why Android Oreo introduced the snooze notification feature.

If there are some notifications you don’t want to check out at the moment, hover over them and slide it either to the right or left and a clock will show up. Here, you have to set the timer based on when you want the notification to show up again. After you are through, the notification will disappear and show up when the its time.

This is an awesome feature that will improve our user experience that we didn’t know we wanted. After connecting to the internet, we receive lots of notifications that is quite annoying and most times we clear it off. However, with these feature we can check out each and every notifications.

New Storage Controls

In the previous updates, whenever your storage is filled up, you were taken to the menu where apps ranging from the most useful to the useless ones are being lined up. Its usually difficult to know what to delete or keep most times.

No worries, things is made better in Android Oreo 8.1. Instead all the apps just showing up, they’ve been categorized. Now you have Games, Movies and TV Apps and other apps that allows you to navigate easily. With these options, its easier to know what to delete as its easy to dictate unnecessary apps.

In the last updates, it was difficult for some people to dictate apps to delete thereby causing some people to delete useful apps. Realizing the problem this caused, Google listened to their user and introduced this new feature.

Picture-in-Picture Mood

Split-screen feature was introduced in Android 7.0 which allowed you to use two apps at the same time. However, only a couple of apps were supported. Realizing the great potential of this feature, Google has made it possible for this feature to support more apps in the split-screen picture-in-picture mode.

It is now possible for you to watch your favourite YouTube video and reply to a message on WhatsApp at the same time. This awesome feature is putting a smile on everybody’s face all over the world. Not all apps have been updated to the latest firmware, so might experience problem using these feature.

However, soonest developers will update their apps to Android Oreo 8.1 and then you will be able to use them in split-screen pictur-in-picture mode.

Android Oreo

Other Minor Features

The above are the major features that have been introduced to the android users, but there are some minor features included as well. Settings menu has been changed – all the important options are highlighted in the main settings menu, then you can tap Advanced Settings if you are looking for some technical options. Furthermore, File Manager has been improved making it simpler to understand and use.

Another improvement being introduced by Android Oreo 8.1 is the ability to turn on Wi-Fi automatically. You can put your home network in this list and as soon as it is in range, the Wi-Fi will turn on automatically and your phone and your smartphone will connect to it.

Meanwhile, the battery has received some improvement as well, its looks optimized ready and most importantly it’s more detailed. You can now see the different functions that are impacting your battery life which is a huge benefit.

For quite a long time, users have been demanding for Autofill framework and google has finally implemented it. For those of you that aren’t way of this feature should know that it basically fills in the information for you so that you don’t have to do fill the information over and over again.

The Autofill framework stores your information once you have written it when filling a form so that when next you have to fill a form, you’ll have the option to fill it automatically.


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