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Amazing: Apple Iphones and Ipads to Power Laptop




Today in the global world of the internet and technology, Apple Iphones to power laptop what a very great move from Apple Inc; the notion of using a phone to power laptop isn’t something  new or weird,– we’ve seen giant companies like HP and Motorola that try, and ultimately fail, to make it a case of reality for years. But that’s not stopping Apple from considering the idea.

What the Supers Say

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), issued a patent filing this morning detailing how an iPhone, or an iPad, could be used to power an ultra-portable laptop. What an amazing idea that we are about to see in the feature of gadgets and smartphones; as the famous Apple Insider reports. As usual, the patent idea likely won’t end up turning into full-fledged product (it was originally filed last September). But it gives us an idea of how Apple is looking at the future of mobile devices and ultra-portables.

More on the Features

The patent filing shows off multiple form of a potential “electronic accessory.” One features a slot near the track-pad area where you can drop in an iPhone, which provides all of the hardware necessary to run the Macbook-looking ultra-portable. And, in a truly unique spin, the iPhone would also serve as the actual trackpad. Another concept describes sliding an iPad in the screen area to power the accessory Apple also considers plugging additional batteries which are great enough for Apple Iphones to power laptop, and having their GPU hardware in the accessory base to buoy the performance of the iPhone or iPad.


Another wonderful and an amazing Gadget that was developed recently by Apple Inc is the powerful “iPad power adapters” which can be used to charge iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, AirPods, and other Apple products as specified by the Apple support team. Since the power adapter is very strong,You can use the Apple’s Power adapter with 12W and 10W USB power adapters to charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, and even more and strong  Apple accessories, like the famous AirPods and the amazing Siri Remote.

How to Connect

To be able to connect and use the power adapter, just connect your device to the power adapter smoothly with the Lightning to USB Cable, 30-pin to the USB cable, or Apple Watch charger that came with your device.

How equipped it is

Using an Apple 12W or 10W USB power adapter can charge some Apple devices and accessories faster than a 5W power adapter. When using an Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter and Apple USB-C to Lightning cable, you can fast charge your iPad Pro 12.9-inch, that is why it is also powerful that it can power device; just like the how possible is to use an iphone or Ipad to power laptop.

Sometimes you might need to be sure which adapter came with your iPod; so to achieve that and stop all the incompatibility problems that might arise, you are to look on the bottom of the power adapter or identify your iPad model. like how its specified in the bellow image.


So we are all set to see more technology that talks about the feature of internet and technology. Since the technology is really moving forward and so faster, more than we imagine.

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    Top 6 Ways on how the Internet is misused



    how internet is unused

    There are so many positive things that one can say about the internet. It has improved our technology, and made life easier.imagine having to know  how the Internet is misused; Living without video calls and emails seems unfathomable today. It’s amazing when we consider how much we rely on the internet for pretty much everything. Whether its basic research, study materials or school work, the internet is where we look to, to find such information.

    But despite the many advantages the internet has brought, there are disadvantages also. Nothing is perfect in this world. Though, the internet is more positive than anything else, but we cannot use that as an excuse to ignore the drawbacks of using the internet.

    how the internet is misued

    1. Email Spamming

    Since we wanted  to know  how the Internet is misused then we actually have to mention the part played by email spammers in order to stay alarmed  When mentioning email spam, we’re referring primarily to junk mail. There are one of two classifications that one can use to determine whether the email they’ve received can be considered spam, these are:

    Is the email unwanted (unsolicited)?
    Was the email sent in large quantities to numerous recipients?

    One of the main drawbacks of email spam is the amount of bandwidth that it consumes. In addition to that, it’s also known to carry malicious files, such as scripts and viruses. When viewing these emails, downloading their attachments to your system, you may unknowingly infect your computer in the process.

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    2. Identity Theft

    The vast majority of people that surf the internet have at least one account on one of the many social websites out there. Whenever you make an account with any of these sites, you are required to give them your personal information, for identification purposes, of course. But what happens if the site you signed up to is fake, what if the site was created solely to steal the personal data off unsuspecting internet surfers?

    The internet provides the perfect opportunity for both hackers and spammers to collect the personal information of unsuspecting people. Those pictures that you like to post online, could very easily end up on an adult website, you could also find yourself a victim of blackmail, or money extortion or any of the long lists of nefarious activities.

    What these hackers will do with your personal information is another mystery that you should think about.

    3. Pranksters

    The internet is also home to a lot of pranksters. Not so long ago, Flipkart, which is an Indian ecommerce site, stopped delivery consignments with a value greater than a specific amount, this was because many people were ordering products on a Cash on Delivery basis and refusing to pay for the product.

    As a result on how the Internet is misused, the company naturally had to foot the bill for the delivery costs. The sad part about it is that many people were doing it as a prank. They would visit local internet cafés and make orders for expensive products, and then use the address of an unsuspecting victim, and sit back and monitor the outcome.

    4. Cyber Bullying

    The internet is home to tens of millions of fake profiles parading themselves as legitimate users. The internet makes it easier for these insensitive peoples to abuse people anonymously. Cyber bullying is something that has been going on for quite some time now, and has left many people with mental scars. There have also been instances of suicide; the result of insults, teasing, lies, harassment and the spreading of rumours.

    5. Hacking

    Did your Facebook account just get hacked? Yes, well it could have been due to you using a weak password. Or maybe you gave the password to a friend once and forget to change it. Maybe you logged into your account while at an internet café. These are things that you need to be cognizant of, when on the internet. Hackers are out there looking for opportunities from users to take advantage of. Don’t make life easier for them by being reckless, consider using strong passwords, logging out whenever you leave your station, and never leave your system unattended.

    6. Posting Fake Advertisements

    The internet is without a doubt, the easiest way for you to reach out to others. However, many people use this advantage to their own evil ends. You may be looking for a job you can do online, which will provide you with that much needed cash. So you stumble upon an advertisement, one that looks too good to be true. You go ahead and contact the advertiser; little do you know that you are about to be lured into a trap.

    The advertiser proceeds to ask you for your bank account details, and you, in your naive state, give it to him, hoping for some form of advanced payment. The main danger of looking for such offers on the internet is the fact that they can be fake, created by cyber criminals.

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    How to

    How to Give Gmail Access to Someone Without Revealing Your Password




    When it comes to giving out your Gmail account’s password to someone, we tend to show reluctance because nobody is to be trusted. Evidently, everybody will find it hard to reveal his/her Gmail password to another person.

    Look, you have every right not to reveal your password to someone most especially if you are the type that use one password for all your account, although this is not a good practice.

    You would never want someone to gain access to your privacy, in fact, you revealing your password to someone will remain an impossibility.

    Now the big question is, What do I need to do if I had to give Gmail access to someone without sharing my password. The good news is that Gmail has already figured out a way for you.

    Let Delegates Access Your Gmail Account

    Gmail now comes with a feature that allows you to give a delegate an access to your account without giving out your password. Basically, what happens when you give a delegate an access to your account is that they can read, send and even delete messages in your gmail account.

    Whenever they send an email using your account, their own email is also included in the message. The have the liberty of managing gmail accounts. However, they can’t access your gmail settings which includes chatting with your contacts or changing your account password.

    You can add up to ten delegates in your regular account with these feature. Also, you can add up to twenty-five with your school or work account.

    It mostly works when you want to grant access to your assistants. And if you want to create a customer service account and you want many people to access it, then this feature will be of help to you.

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    How To Add Delegates In Your Gmail Account

    Step 1: Open your Gmail and sign in with your account credentials.

    Step 2: Head to the Settings and then click ‘Accounts and Import’.

    gmail access

    Step 3: Scroll down a bit until you come across ‘Grant access to your account’. Here click ‘Add another account’. In the same section, you will also be required to choose whether you want the messages read by delegates to be marked as read or not.

    Step 4: On clicking ‘Add another account,’ a new window will pop on your screen, asking you to enter the email address of the person you want to give access to your account. Later, confirm that you want to share access with that person.

    gmail access

    Step 5: Once you confirm, the delegate will instantly receive an email on their email address containing a link that they are required to click within seven days of receiving the email. If they won’t open the link within seven days, the offer will expire.

    You will know when someone has accepted to become your delegate simply by going back to the Accounts and Import section. The email address of the person will appear in the same section once they have accepted your request.

    As per Google, the entire setting will take around thirty minutes to kick in. After that, your delegates will be able to view and send emails on your behalf.

    How to Remove Delegates in Your Gmail Account

    Just like you added delegates in your Gmail account, you can also remove them if you no longer want them to access your account. Here’s what you will need to do:

    Step 1: Head to your Gmail account’s settings and click ‘Account and Import.’

    Step 2: Under ‘Grant access to your account,’ click the ‘Delete’ option which is present next to the email account you want to remove.

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    3 Things You May Not Know About Cryptocurrency




    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoins are all the talk of late as it has seen a significant rise in its price just over the most recent couple of months. Everybody needed to be a part of it so they began putting resources into it cleared out and right.

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Be that as it may, similarly as the things were going to get great, different cryptocurrency began to surge in the market and bitcoins began to lose esteem. Despite the fact that the drop wasn’t colossal, it was as yet note worthy.

    Individuals, who put resources into the bitcoins just in the most recent month experienced misfortunes amid this fall, and from that point forward, the cost of bitcoins has gradually been reducing.

    Individuals who had kept their bitcoins have begun to sell them, which has cut down the cost. The cost will go here and there starting now and into the foreseeable future yet there will be greater stability encompassing cryptocurrency for a long time

    In spite of not picking up a great deal of raise, bitcoins stills hold the most power. At whatever point the cost of the bitcoin increases, different cryptocurrency are sold at a higher value point too. In this way, the general population who have been putting resources into different cryptocurrencies are additionally dependent on bitcoins doing great.

    There are some more steady cryptocurrency like DASH, however regardless it sees good and bad times relying on the market position of bitcoins. This solidness won’t keep going for long be that as it may, as many individuals are peering toward interest in cryptocurrencies.

    It may not occur in the following couple of months, but rather it will undoubtedly happen. A couple of conglomerates haven’t touched bitcoins right now however they are watching out for it, so can make a plunge at whenever.

    At whatever point that happens, the cost of bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies will see a gigantic surge in their cost. In the event that you can’t stand to put resources into bitcoins at the present time, at that point, try out another cryptocurrencies. Truly, the payout won’t be as colossal as the bitcoins, however it is superior to nothing.

    The issue is misinformation about bitcoins which has raised individuals’ desires to an unheard of level and when they witness value drops, for example, the one that happened most as of late, they just can’t acknowledge it. This is the reason we have outlined a few things about cryptocurrencies which you might not have known about anyplace else.

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Hack

    In the event that you put your cash in the bank and its gets stolen, bank is at risk to give back the cash. In any case, that is not the situation with bitcoins. On the off chance that you have put away them at some place and that place gets hacked.

    At that point your bitcoins will get stolen, and there won’t be any approach to get them back. The person who has the bitcoins considers the proprietor. This implies you must be very cautious when you make use of them as you won’t get them back on the off chance that they are no more.

    Keeping them secure beyond any doubt is a problem, which is the reason it is prescribed that you don’t keep the greater part of your bitcoins at one place.

    In the event that you are wanting to have a huge amount of them, it is smarter to keep them in various digital wallets. In the event that one of them gets in the wrong hands, you will in any case have others cleared out.

    Cryptocurrency hacks are going on a considerable measure nowadays as individuals are attempting their best to get their hands on bitcoins. On the off chance that you are loading up on them, at that point you will absolutely be on their radar which is the reason it is prompted that you keep them separated into various wallets.

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Backed by Gold

    Not a considerable number of cryptocurrencies are backed by gold but rather there are a great deal of them. Bitcoins has a tremendous value point so it won’t be backed by gold at any point in the near future. Notwithstanding, other not all that known digital currencies are being sponsored by gold.

    In the event that you were a gold investor and now hoping to plunge into cryptocurrency market and need to put resources into some that are really backed by gold, at that point following these ones are quite great examples.

    The previously mentioned are the most understood cryptocurrencies that are gradually picking up their balance in the market. There are some different cryptocurrencies which are sponsored by gold too, but since they are not by any stretch of the imagination understood, we have overlooked them from the list. Gold used to be an entirely easy win to put resources into and the cost constantly kept steady or rose.

    Be that as it may, with individuals spending in cryptocurrencies, the interest in gold has backed off a considerable amount and cost has begun to wind up noticeably significantly more steady. There is almost no change now, which is very unique in relation to what it used to be. Already, the cost of gold was to a great degree insecure and could go and low whenever.

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency News

    The news about cryptocurrency can be somewhat one-sided. The government can simply be found saying that they don’t support bitcoins yet they themselves are putting resources into them. Along these lines, with regards to news identified with the cryptocurrency, you must be watchful where you get it from.

    On the off chance that you need to find out about them, at that point it is smarter to go to seminars that are devoted to discussing about cryptocurrencies. The majority of the general population there have personal stake in the item, so they have more learning about them. You can solicit assorted types from inquiries on these discussions and you will find your solution.

    Some essential inquiries would as of now be replied on those discussions, so you won’t need to ask them by any means. For the essential learning, you should simply go through the lessons from the seminars and you will get what you need without quite a bit of a problem. The online tech blogs are likewise a good source of getting news about digital forms of money, so you should need to look at them too.

    They have some great bits of knowledge available patterns and will enable you to comprehend what’s occurring in the market. You can discover a blog that suits your advantage and you can visit every day to get your news. The greater part of the sites do very much investigated articles henceforth sparing you the inconvenience.

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