5 Tips On How To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

how to stop your laptop from overheating

With the new development in technology, laptops and many other electronic devices are becoming more durable as days go on. But as they become more powerful, you might begin to notice signs of overheating.

But this days, most of the newly released electronic gadgets do come with a different component or with a cooling to keep the heat levels normal. Even the new gaming laptops now comes with their cool liquid systems.

Sadly, the older laptops did not have their own cooling systems. Since they don’t have what will beat their heat levels, users have no choice than to look for ways to prevent their laptop from overheating.

When laptops are being used for a long period of time, they produce much heat thereby causing the system to damage most times. Before you find out tips on how to prevent your laptops from overheating, you need to identify if your laptop is being overheated or not.

To find out if your laptop is always a subject to overheating or not, there are two things you need to be aware of:

1. When you hear the fan of your laptop running at its full speed, that’s a sign that it’s been overheated.

2. The reduced operating system when you are working on your laptop. When this occurs often, the CPU cuts down the clock speed so as to reduce the heat being generated.

When any of these happens, it’s a clear sign that your laptop is being overheated. That’s when you need to take the necessary action.

How To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating

By following some of these tips, you can keep your laptops from overheating and keep them cool. Here are the tips you need to follow to achieve effective result.

Clean Out Exhaust Fan

The first and foremost thing you need to do to stop your laptop from overheating is by cleaning out the dust in the exhaust fan. Since dust and tiny particles gather and stick around it for a long time, it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Before you open it, make sure you shut down the laptop properly and remove its battery. Soak a cotton with alcohol and gently clean the fan. A small vacuum cleaner can also be used for this purpose.

Stay Away From Soft Materials

Please you have to stop keeping your laptops on materials like bed and sofa when you are using it. Since most laptops have their laptops underneath, soft clothing materials like sofa or bedspread can block the exhaust grilles trapping the heat inside.

Avoid Standby Mode

When your laptop is inside a bag, make sure it’s not on standby mode. The device is overheated and is forced to shutdown due to extremely high temperature.

Use Laptop Coolers

Devices like laptop coolers can be found in the market which can prevent laptops from overheating. A fan or an external stand with a pillow-like stand is also available. This helps you work for hours without your laptop getting overheated.

Get Rid Of Software

We can also stop our laptops from overheating by getting rid of unnecessary softwares that consumes a lot of space.


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