5 Tips To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating
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5 Tips On How To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating



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how to stop your laptop from overheating

With the new development in technology, laptops and many other electronic devices are becoming more durable as days go on. But as they become more powerful, you might begin to notice signs of overheating.

But this days, most of the newly released electronic gadgets do come with a different component or with a cooling to keep the heat levels normal. Even the new gaming laptops now comes with their cool liquid systems.

Sadly, the older laptops did not have their own cooling systems. Since they don’t have what will beat their heat levels, users have no choice than to look for ways to prevent their laptop from overheating.

When laptops are being used for a long period of time, they produce much heat thereby causing the system to damage most times. Before you find out tips on how to prevent your laptops from overheating, you need to identify if your laptop is being overheated or not.

To find out if your laptop is always a subject to overheating or not, there are two things you need to be aware of:

1. When you hear the fan of your laptop running at its full speed, that’s a sign that it’s been overheated.

2. The reduced operating system when you are working on your laptop. When this occurs often, the CPU cuts down the clock speed so as to reduce the heat being generated.

When any of these happens, it’s a clear sign that your laptop is being overheated. That’s when you need to take the necessary action.

How To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating

By following some of these tips, you can keep your laptops from overheating and keep them cool. Here are the tips you need to follow to achieve effective result.

Clean Out Exhaust Fan

The first and foremost thing you need to do to stop your laptop from overheating is by cleaning out the dust in the exhaust fan. Since dust and tiny particles gather and stick around it for a long time, it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Before you open it, make sure you shut down the laptop properly and remove its battery. Soak a cotton with alcohol and gently clean the fan. A small vacuum cleaner can also be used for this purpose.

Stay Away From Soft Materials

Please you have to stop keeping your laptops on materials like bed and sofa when you are using it. Since most laptops have their laptops underneath, soft clothing materials like sofa or bedspread can block the exhaust grilles trapping the heat inside.

Avoid Standby Mode

When your laptop is inside a bag, make sure it’s not on standby mode. The device is overheated and is forced to shutdown due to extremely high temperature.

Use Laptop Coolers

Devices like laptop coolers can be found in the market which can prevent laptops from overheating. A fan or an external stand with a pillow-like stand is also available. This helps you work for hours without your laptop getting overheated.

Get Rid Of Software

We can also stop our laptops from overheating by getting rid of unnecessary softwares that consumes a lot of space.

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How To Recover Your Lost Data From Android/iOS Device




Have you ever mistakenly deleted something from your phone and regretted doing that. It could be an important text message, contacts, photos or even videos. Gone are those days you can’t retrieve files if mistakenly deleted. Since Android and iOS kept developing, retrieving your lost files have become quite easier.

So when next you lost an important file, you don’t need to panic as there are third party apps on both operating systems that can help you retrieve your lost files easily.

How To Recover Your Lost Data From Android/iOS Device

In case you mistakenly deleted any of your text messages, contacts, pictures and videos, here’s how to recover it immediately.

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As discussed earlier, third party apps are used on both operating systems to recover your lost pictures. In a situation your pictures are deleted mistakenly from your phone, you can download third-party apps like Deleted Photo Recovery Apps or Disk Digger from Google PlayStore.

Once any of your files have been deleted, you can head over to the app and scan to view recently deleted pictures.

diskdigger pro recovery

As far as iOS Smartphone is concerned, the process of recovering deleted pictures is even easier. If you have the updated iOS, then a Recently Deleted folder will be created in Photo app where all your deleted files will be stored for about thirty days.

Let’s say you deleted something in a hurry, you can go back to that folder and retrieve it. However, if you permanently deleted a file, then you have to use either you iCloud or iTunes account to retrieve the file.

Contacts And Text Messages

There are tons of apps out there on PlayStore that can help users keep track and retrieve their contacts, text messages and even pictures from their smartphone.

Android Data Recovery and Fone Paw Android Data Recovery are one of those apps that helps you with recovering of data from your android phone.

One good thing about apple is that they’ve tried a lot in making sure that its users don’t depend on third-party apps to recover their lost files. So, in case you lose your text messages or contacts, all you need to do is go to iTunes, click on the top right corner of your phone and then tap ‘Restore Backup’.

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After this, your device will automatically recover all the deleted and lost contacts and text messages that have been regularly backed up on iTunes.

Apart from recovering lost data from iTunes, users can also retrieve data using iCloud. For that, you need to log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password and then click on the Text Messages icon. Here you can select all the text messages you want to keep on your phone.

In the next step, you will head over to your iPhone’s settings and from there turn off ‘Text Messages’ and click on ‘Keep on my iPhone’. Once you’re done with this step, turn the ‘Text Messages’ back on and then click on ‘Merge’ when it pops right in front of your mobile screen.

So now losing data from your device is not a problem anymore. You can restore the data as soon as possible.

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How to Schedule an Email on Gmail with Boomerang




There are several email services out there but Gmail is just the best and that’s why we rely on it. After trying out several email services, we came to realize that Gmail is simply the best amongst other.

The interface of Gmail is very user-friendly, that’s why we can compose and email and send it to our recipients as fast as possible. It’s very easy composing an email on Gmail as there are no difficulties with its surfaces. Moreover it has many interesting features in it.

Most times, when composing an email, the thought of not sending it immediately comes in. You either want to send it later because you have an important task at hand or because you’ve lost internet access. In such situations, the feature of scheduling emails on Gmail rescues you.


If you do make use of Gmail email services regularly, then you must be aware that the scheduling feature has not been launched yet. However, there’s still a way as you can still schedule an email.

For you to schedule an email on gmail, you’ll need a tool called Boomerang which is a Chrome extension and it works very well on computers or even smartphones.

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Scheduling an Email on Gmail</h3


Here’s how you can schedule an email on Gmail using Chrome browser on your desktop.

Step 1: First sign in to your Google account and then open Gmail.

Step 2: Head over to the Chrome website at www.chrome.google.com/webstore

Boomerang Capture page

Step 3: Search for Boomerang for Gmail as a Chrome extension in the Chrome webstore and then add the extension to your web browser.

Step 4: Open your Gmail account in case you haven’t opened already

Step 5: As soon as you click on Compose, you will notice a new option at the bottom of the message box named as ‘Send later’.

Step 6: Compose your email in the message box like you do normally and then click ‘Send later’ menu to specify the time you want to send the email.

Step 7: You have the option of selecting it from 1 hour to 1 month or you can also set the exact time you want to send your email to someone.

Step 8: The tool can be authenticated by permitting pop-ups.

Step 9: Once you hit the ‘Send later’ button, your email will be scheduled and will be sent on that specified time.

Android Smartphone

You can also schedule an email on your Gmail account while using an Android smartphone. Let’s see how you can go about it.

Step 1: First of all, install the Boomerang Mail app on your smartphone from the Google Playstore.

Step 2: Once the app is installed on your phone, open the app and then select Gmail.

Step 3: Now, you will be asked to configure your Gmail ID and password in the app.

Step 4: After your Gmail account has been configured by the app, you can compose your email in the app and then tap ‘Send later’.

Step 5: Select the time and date you want to send your email

Step 6: After specifying the time and date, simply hit ‘Send later’ and then your email will be scheduled.

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How to Give Gmail Access to Someone Without Revealing Your Password




When it comes to giving out your Gmail account’s password to someone, we tend to show reluctance because nobody is to be trusted. Evidently, everybody will find it hard to reveal his/her Gmail password to another person.

Look, you have every right not to reveal your password to someone most especially if you are the type that use one password for all your account, although this is not a good practice.

You would never want someone to gain access to your privacy, in fact, you revealing your password to someone will remain an impossibility.

Now the big question is, What do I need to do if I had to give Gmail access to someone without sharing my password. The good news is that Gmail has already figured out a way for you.

Let Delegates Access Your Gmail Account

Gmail now comes with a feature that allows you to give a delegate an access to your account without giving out your password. Basically, what happens when you give a delegate an access to your account is that they can read, send and even delete messages in your gmail account.

Whenever they send an email using your account, their own email is also included in the message. The have the liberty of managing gmail accounts. However, they can’t access your gmail settings which includes chatting with your contacts or changing your account password.

You can add up to ten delegates in your regular account with these feature. Also, you can add up to twenty-five with your school or work account.

It mostly works when you want to grant access to your assistants. And if you want to create a customer service account and you want many people to access it, then this feature will be of help to you.

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How To Add Delegates In Your Gmail Account

Step 1: Open your Gmail and sign in with your account credentials.

Step 2: Head to the Settings and then click ‘Accounts and Import’.

gmail access

Step 3: Scroll down a bit until you come across ‘Grant access to your account’. Here click ‘Add another account’. In the same section, you will also be required to choose whether you want the messages read by delegates to be marked as read or not.

Step 4: On clicking ‘Add another account,’ a new window will pop on your screen, asking you to enter the email address of the person you want to give access to your account. Later, confirm that you want to share access with that person.

gmail access

Step 5: Once you confirm, the delegate will instantly receive an email on their email address containing a link that they are required to click within seven days of receiving the email. If they won’t open the link within seven days, the offer will expire.

You will know when someone has accepted to become your delegate simply by going back to the Accounts and Import section. The email address of the person will appear in the same section once they have accepted your request.

As per Google, the entire setting will take around thirty minutes to kick in. After that, your delegates will be able to view and send emails on your behalf.

How to Remove Delegates in Your Gmail Account

Just like you added delegates in your Gmail account, you can also remove them if you no longer want them to access your account. Here’s what you will need to do:

Step 1: Head to your Gmail account’s settings and click ‘Account and Import.’

Step 2: Under ‘Grant access to your account,’ click the ‘Delete’ option which is present next to the email account you want to remove.

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